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Equality House

Work commenced during February on the refurbishment of North Staffordshire Racial Equality Council's new premises.  The new premises, in Raymond Street, Shelton to be named Equality House will provide resources and facilities to meet the need's of black and minority ethnic communities across North Staffordshire, meeting rooms and expanded Racial Equality Council offices.  The Racial Equality Council was successful in securing a grant from the National Lottery Charities Board (now the Community Fund) to establish a Black and Minority Ethnic Community Resource Centre for North Staffordshire, with additional funding to provide a Training Suite from Lloyds TSB Foundation.

The current Racial Equality Council offices, whilst centrally located, are unable to provide the resources and facilities needed by black and minority ethnic community groups and lack visibility and access.  The new Black and Minority Ethnic Community Resource Centre will not only provide community groups with the resources and assistance they need, but it will also enable people to fully access the services of the Racial Equality Council.  Equality House will be highly visible and will provide a springboard in order that activities combating racism can gain a high public profile, leading to the creation of a fair and just society in North Staffordshire.

Equality House will provide:

*    Rooms for seminars
*    A dedicated training suite
*    Rooms for community use and affordable office space
*    Drop-in advice and information facilities
*    A reference library
*    A women's space
*    Start-up units for community groups
*    A range of equipment for community use to enable community groups to develop

If refurbishment work goes according to schedule it is likely that the re-location to Equality House will take place during November.  Work can then begin to ensure that the community benefits from the new facilities provided by Equality House.

Updated contact details are now available from the link on the left.